ReGeneración Colombia's curriculum is based on a participatory, peace-building model.

We have developed this model from a collective process we have termed a "heart-storm" (focused on emotional intelligence, rather than the logical intelligence of a "brain-storm") that elicits the experiential knowledge of our members. Our curriculum is what we wish we had been exposed to at a younger age in life. It is a multi-sensory approach to creatively addressing self-doubt and "othering" before these insecurities fester into abuses of self and others.


In applying popular education methods, our curriculum seeks to inculcate in our youth the peace-building beliefs - "lo de adentro" - that will inform their future peace-building behaviors - "lo de afuera". In other words, our curriculum primes each young person over the course of each sequential lesson to feel that she and he belongs, no matter where they are. With this self-assuredness and self-awareness, our youth understand as second nature their investment of self in community issues and civic participation so that they will "be the change one wishes to see" that Gandhi beckoned.


For example, to address the topic of gender violence, our curriculum calls for group story-telling on gender roles or binaries we perceive at home or in public. Then we provide, where appropriate, opportunities for "entre nosotros" or masculinity & femininity circles where boys & girls can explore layers of identity and intimacy, allowing for discovery that some may not feel such gender lines conform to their experience or that of loved ones. To maintain an open and collaborative relationship between the elder and the youth, our curriculum also designs ice-breakers, check-ins, educational meals, group and individual evaluations, check-outs, and time capsules. These tools have come from the experiences of each one of us members of ReGeneración.